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ex writer who cant write anymore due to fs,started beat making a year ago cause i got these sounds i got to get out of my head had to start from the ground up taught myself music theory n sampling started with a po 33 and currently working on my first beat tape ,after i finish this tape im gonna move up to a 404 then a mashine and a deluge,no half stepn i dig for my own samples and am strictly analog i love this culture i was brought up in it and have alot of respect for the elders n its history like i did for writing i shall proceed the same to knock proper,im also a habitual scratcher too... music favorite s -gravediggaz,companyflow,gangstarr,tenshun, Bethany's dust,portishead,dj shadow,ronniesize,pete rock,blackstar,grouphome,jeru, future wave, voltage controller,j5, invisible scratch picklez, Eddie def,88blessedbeats,eyewillcreate,winowilly,m25,groosome,esteenack, Rome Street s,djdoodles,djgroovedamost,malikb,diceraw,uglyduckling,coolherc,egyptianlover,djredalert, doubletrouble,chiefrockabusybee and a shit tone


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